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Canadian guitarist/composer/madman

...Les Robot is the perfect antidote for those looking for a refreshing, expansive and original artistic voice in the rock guitar genre.  

His first two recordings garnered comparisons to Beck, Zappa & Waits, and if it was his unpredictable compositions and charming lyrical musings that earned him a bit of a cult following, then it was his kick ass experimental guitar playing that sealed the deal.

More recently, Les is forfeiting vocals all together. 'The Semi-Hollow' put his eccentric and cinematic instrumental compositions on full display. While he’s crafted these songs to honor the instrumental rock genre, Les has made it clear he’s here on his own terms, and he’s raging a bit of an avant-garde ruckus.

Check out the high voltage single, Sound Speed and stay tuned for his groovy new single, Moustache Twirl’in Guy, due to release October 5th, 2018.

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FEATUred videos

This is a promo for Les' instrumental EP, 'The Semi-Hollow.' He built the Robot himself and had way too much fun doing it... Listen to the title track below.


Check out this live demo by Les featuring DigiTech's SDRUM Pedal and get a glimpse into his creative process...

Les Robot performs at the Guitar Player Magazine's, Guitar Hero III Competition! If you like it, check out 'Shoes' from his CD 'The Electric Arc'. You'll definitely recognize some musical elements from this live instrumental performance...

Les plays his song Imp from his instrumental EP, 'The Semi-Hollow.' Check out the recorded version below... 

A live version of very old school intense guitar playing...
Enjoy this and more instrumental tracks from Les's record, 'The Electric Arc'


Les performs his newest single, SOUND SPEED live, using guitar tones from the HeadRush Pedalboard.